A New Way Compare Textbook Buyback Prices And Reviews

Remember your first experience with college textbooks?

Where you shocked by the high cost of your books?

And when classes are done, you’ll most likely never open them again. You are sitting there with 5 pound door stoppers.

But wait, a faint memory starts to take shape in your mind. “I saw signs for book buyback events at the bookstore all over campus. I’ll just buzz in there, sell my books and get some extra spending cash!” you exclaim in your head. Or out loud. We don’t judge.

But then you come to a common college realization. Waiting in line at the crowded bookstore is awful. And what is your reward for waiting in that long line? They are either not buying your books, or they’re offering flat-out laughable prices.

There’s got to be a better way.

Online Textbook Buyback

I remember discovering online textbook buyback. I remember feeling a rush of excitement in knowing I could get a fair value for my textbooks. Why sell the book back to the bookstore for $10 when I can sell it online for $50?

No brainer, right? Woo hoo! I just made $50 for my textbook.

But how do I know that I can trust the company I’m sending my expensive textbook to?

There are a multitude of online companies that will buy your textbooks. All offering different price quotes, different levels of service, and different payment options. You can take the time to get price quotes and read customer reviews for all the different companies.

But once again, there’s got to be a better way.

Introducing… Textbook Buyback Compare

Save yourself valuable time by using Textbook Buyback Compare. Our easy to use website offers you textbook buyback comparison and reviews for five leading online textbook buyback companies.

Our mission is to shift the power of the selling process to the students. We want to empower students and help turn a major college annoyance into an easy, pain-free experience.

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Often times, it’s surprising how much they are worth.