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We'll fill your orders accurately and quickly, with most orders processed and shipped within 24 hours. And if that's not enough, we are pleased to offer some of the highest buyback prices in the industry. Want another reason to shop with us? We pay you promptly, normally within one business day of processing your order. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to give you headache-free, textbook savings and easy cash in the hand for textbooks you sell to us.
Thank you for your business, and kudos to you for being smart with your money!

BookByte Reviews


88.75% (4 reviews)
Review Date: January 20,2016
  • Reviewed by:Kim
Nonexistent customer service
We have rented textbooks for our kids through various online sources. The few times we had a problem with Bookbyte saying they did not receive a book back it was eventually found. Last month my son returned a textbook (used, good condition) and it was rejected. No explanation as to why it was rejected. Suddenly he got a collection letter demanding $235. He could not get a hold of them and the website has very little information other than rejected. I tried their live chat - no one ever responded. I called the company and there is no one to talk with - all has to be handled via email or live chat which they are not responding too. I pressed to speak to someone and apparently they do not have a full dedicated staff to respond. If the textbook was damaged I am happy to pay for it (although $235 for a used rental?) however I would like to some basic information that has been impossible to get. Would not do business with again. Customer service is nonexistent.
Review Date: December 10,2014
  • Reviewed by:Suzanne
Highest payout for books anywhere!!
I sold my textbooks back to my school's bookstore for 2 years before knowing that I could sell them for more money online. When I found bookbyte I couldn't believe how much more they paid for books, compared to other buyback sites. I am a bookbyte fan, and I will always use and recommend their site! You will definitely NOT regret using bookbyte!
Review Date: December 2,2013
  • Reviewed by:Laura
The fastest and usually offer the most for your books
I've used BookByte to sell back my backs for about a year, now. I often recommend the website to others. If you don't mind waiting for your books to be received, processed and approved...I recommend you to give it a try! If you need money now, and can't wait...then, I recommend you sell them to your local bookstore or selling them to a friend.